Banner for Blockchain Sustainable Economic Growth Art Show, featuring painting ‘Stop the Traffic’ Acrylic on canvas by Kylo Hemmingway

(Art credit: ‘Stop the Traffic’ Acrylic on canvas by Kylo Hemmingway)

Art for Sustainable Economic Growth

“The New Renaissance” – Art Meets Blockchain


Artists move the world. Art inspires emotion, and nothing extraordinary is ever accomplished without emotion.

The Art for Sustainable Economic Growth exhibit is for artists and innovators with ideas that need to be expressed beyond words. Blockchain is forging a new way of doing business, and that disruption in the art world equates to a new Renaissance. What do you want to see accomplished with blockchain? Can you convey that in art?

Draw, paint, AI-generate, sodder, build, or produce an original artistic piece. Submit a digital image of your work, (up to 5 images per submission allowed, especially if it is a 3D piece), to be viewed by hundreds of conference attendees from around the world. The Artist may submit a piece that is already an NFT, or the Artist can submit a non-NFT and will be given the option to have our production team turn their piece into an NFT for a nominal fee.

All attendees to BC & Sustainable Economic Growth will be able to vote for the winners of the show on a mobile voting app. All art pieces that have been converted into NFTs will be available for bidding throughout the conference. The number of viewers along with public availability to buy and sell could cause some of the NFTs to increase in value.

Winners of the show will receive recognition, exposure, promotion, and trophies from the stage of the Mayflower Hotel on May 27, 2022.


This art show has a dual purpose. We will utilize a blockchain voting app, built by the GBA Voting Working Group, to allow all participants at the conference to vote on the submissions in the show.

Contestants do not need to be GBA Members to submit, nor do they need to be present to win. This contest is open to anyone.

Submission forms will go up after the migration of the GBA website onto a new platform. This announcement is to allow artists to get started on their work for the May event.


Check back for more information about the upcoming Art Show for the Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth conference!