Bitcoin/Blockchain July-August news articles

(complied by Skyler Dache’ … August 12, 2017)

08/10/2017 Russia’s Ministry of Health Is Launching a Blockchain Pilot – partnership with major Russian bank to enable better system of medical records in Russia

08/09/2017 Sony Taps Blockchain to Develop System for Data Sharing and Authentication In Education – Uses Hyperledger Fabric from Linux foundation and IBM Blockchain, no specific schools or customers announced

08/09/2017 India’s SEBI Sets Up Committee to Explore the Blockchain – India analogue to SEC, will investigate the impacts of emerging blockchain technologies on financial markets, including “[…] peer-to-peer lending, the blockchain, digital currencies, crowd funding or algorithmic trading”

08/08/2017 Ukraine to Install 150 Bitcoin ATMs in 2017, 30 by the End of August – Currently only has one, increasing due to demand from entrepreneurs

08/08/2017 Australian Grain Exporter Teams with AgriDigital on Agriculture Blockchain – will develop and pilot system this month, to use one system to tie title transfer and payment across the supply chain

08/08/2017 India’s Inter-Disciplinary Committee Submits Bitcoin Report to [Finance Minister] Jaitley – report is not public

08/07/2017 China to Use the Blockchain to Send Invoices and Collect Taxes – announced they hired a Chinese software firm to research and develop a blockchain system for managing their public finance and tax system

08/03/2017 Farmers Cooperative Uses Blockchain to Trace Meat Through Supply Chain – UK tech company has announced they’re working on a system to track and verify the processing history of meat

08/03/2017 Indian Finance Ministry Panel Suggests Discouraging People from Using Bitcoin – one official said bitcoin is “fraught with dangers” right after the central bank banned high denomination notes

08/03/2017 Hong Kong Company Launches Blockchain TEU Token to Revolutionize the Shipping Industry – new blockchain designed to reduce no-shows and overbooking in shipping industry

07/31/2017 SEC’s DAO Ruling Brings More Oversight to ICOs, Industry Observers Agree – Anyone offering to trade cryptocoins on regulated markets must register them as securities, but traders of coins with functional non monetary value do not; there is now less gray area.

07/28/2017 BitClave Aims to Tackle Privacy in Advertising with the Blockchain; Launches ICO – new blockchain platform designed to allow marketers to advertise to users without a third party

07/27/2017 Bitcoin Prices Propped up by South Korea Regulation – New South Korean regulatory guidance sets clear rules for bitcoin exchanges

07/26/2017 Chinese Blockchain Association Issues Protocol to Regulate ICOs – A consortium of private organizations, representing industry, finance, call the document a “consensus” on how to capitalize on ICOs while following Chinese law and protecting their interests

07/25/2017 Aircraft Asset Management: An Untapped Market for Blockchain Technology – IT Director describes how a blockchain for aviation could enable reliable records

07/24/2017 Dubai Set to Achieve Goal of Becoming First Blockchain Government by 2020 – Dubai information officer reiterates plan to work with industry partners to develop blockchain systems capable of representing and executing all government transactions

07/20/2017 India’s Primary IT Trade Body Establishes Blockchain Special Interest Group – New division within NASSCOM, a major IT trade association In India

07/17/2017 Decentralized Payment Platform Monetha Uses Ethereum Smart Contracts to Disrupt Global Commerce – New blockchain system to link merchant and customer reviews with verified payment

07/16/2017 LegalTech Firm Introduces Native Token, Launches Sale – New blockchain system for smart contracts featuring its own tradable currency, contract building interface, knowledge base, and execution system

07/13/2017 Bitcoin-Friendly Swiss City Announces Ethereum Digital ID Pilot – Citizens can register for the program and eventually submit notarized signatures, pay fines and vote in elections

07/13/2017 Russia is ‘Considering’ Blockchain Tech for Real Estate – via report from Russian Ministry of Communication

07/12/2017 Hyperledger Releases Open-Source Production Ready Blockchain Software, Fabric 1.0 – an open source platform for making blockchain systems

07/11/2017 Australian Megabanks ANZ, Westpac Complete Blockchain Bank Guarantees Trial with IBM – the system will focus on digitizing bank guarantees for commercial property; a slow and expensive process today

07/10/2017 Rivetz Introduces Decentralized Cybersecurity Token to Secure Devices – empowers blockchain applications that are hacker resistant in a new way

07/10/2017 The Ethereum Blockchain Is Superior to Bitcoin, Says Private Banker – Says flexibility empowers more applications, making it more likely to succeed

07/10/2017 Mizuho Completes Australia-Japan Trade on a Blockchain – the exact system they used was not specified

07/09/2017 The Healthcare Industry Turns to Blockchain Tech for Security – Partnership between IBM Watson team and FDA

07/08/2017 This Blockchain Platform Gives Artists Control of Their Content Distribution – a decentralized itunes named DECENT, after much planning, has launched, featuring incentives for people to serve content and a way to identify copied media

07/01/2017 IOTA Partners Healthcare Providers for Blockchain Research in Norway

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