A shocking study found that only 6% of people in blockchain are women. So what can be done to change this and encourage more women to work in blockchain and fintech generally?

Lone Fønss Schrøder, CEO of Concordium, the business blockchain network, says: “It’s been important for me to develop the ability to force myself to dig deep into a subject which I might not have an interest in at first glance and allow myself to gain expertise in it. The more time is spent on a particular subject and the more persistent I have been about understanding it, the more interesting it becomes.”

She says she believes consistency, commitment and the ability to keep doing research and asking until you understand the fundamental principles of success will allow anyone to excel.

While female role models are important, she says, it is just as (if not more) important to “first understand how you define yourself. Do not let others try to stick a label on you.”

Schrøder is just one of a few women in blockchain making a call to arms. We’ve spoken to a variety of female leaders who all make a call to arms, wanting women in blockchain to unite and become a greater force. Citali Mora Catlett at B9lab claims that “women in tech are the biggest allies to gender balance, as they encourage other women to join the industry, serve as role models for future generations and contribute to finding solutions to improve the openness and inclusivity of the working environment.”

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is definitely a boys’ club. To find out what it will take for women in blockchain to break down the doors, read the full commentary over at Coin Rivet.




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