Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

The Georgetown Crypto Club, Government Blockchain Association’s new student chapter member, joined GBA after attending the first Event Series, “The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law.” Sachin Meirer, the president of Georgetown Crypto Club, attended the March 30 event to learn more about what blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts are saying about how the government may incorporate innovative emerging technologies across different industries on a daily basis. Ultimately, Meirer joined GBA to become part of the movement informing government leaders and regulators about the use cases, or the functionality, behind blockchain technology — and the expansion of cryptocurrencies as a part of the U.S. economy.

Meirer, who is a first-year undergraduate student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., sees GBA as a catalyst in assisting the government with having an understanding of expert knowledge of security law. And at the same time, perceiving Bitcoin as an entirely unique asset class is also imperative to grasp the underlying issues behind broadening the potential of emerging technologies. Meirer’s trust in GBA’s mission to educate leaders about the potential and impact of emerging technologies was solidified at the Event Series because GBA brought together a great mix of experts, such as a former government representative, lawyer and crypto-focused leaders.

Furthermore, Meirer said that bringing together different industry leaders to talk about developments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency keeps the government updated about technology and the novelty of open-source, distributed ledgers so that the regulators will not harm the development of innovative technologies. Meirer emphasized that a light-touch regulatory approach and rules that are narrow in scope will better drive investments and spur innovation of this developing technology.

Meirer’s interests in emerging technologies led him to form Georgetown Crypto Club in early 2019 where other Georgetown student chapter members engage in dialogue and attend new presentations on trends in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Meirer said the university’s student chapter members often focus on trading and releasing new cryptocurrencies during the club’s weekly meetings. So far, only about a dozen undergraduates have joined the Georgetown Crypto Club, but Meirer said he’s open to having graduate students join too.

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