Why GBA Certification?

GBA certified professionals have demonstrated competencies in topics that have been identified by the global GBA community as essential for blockchain professionals. GBA working groups create training criteria and capture them in the GBA Consulting Series Course Handbook. The Handbook is then distributed and reviewed by working groups and GBA chapter members around the world. Then the GBA Consulting Series Course Handbook is released for public review and comment. Those comments are incorporated and the final version is released. GBA members who complete the certification courses are listed on the GBA Certified Consultants.

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Blockchain Foundations

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the technology and potential use cases.  The instruction learning objectives for this course are: 

  • Introduce the history of bitcoin and blockchain technology. 
  • Discuss why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are important. 
  • Provide a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Provide a basic understanding of blockchain technology. 
  • Introduce legal and regulatory considerations. 
  • Discuss blockchain use cases, benefits, and risks. 

Blockchain Specialist Courses

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a well-rounded foundation of the intersection of blockchain technology with either technical practicality, the modern healthcare system, financial institutions, or a road map through the legal labyrinth that is blockchain regulation to aid them in the decision-making process. 

The Blockchain Technical Specialist course covers the following topics

Collect requirements for a blockchain-based solution 

Understand design options, and considerations to make technical decisions 

Understand development platforms to determine platforms and tools 

Understand the testing parameters, and constraints to plan, and test blockchain systems  

Understand and implement post-production controls and support mechanisms 

Be able to transform a concept into a blockchain solution 

The Blockchain Healthcare Specialist course covers the following topics

Healthcare Megatrends & Introduction to Blockchain 

Healthcare – The Big Picture 

Clinical Trials Management 

Data Management/Access/Control + Consent Management 

Drugs Supply chain & Anti-Counterfeiting 

Insurances (Claims Management/Frauds Reduction) 

 Improving Administrative Processes 

– Value-Based Healthcare System 

New Business Models in Healthcare and the Role of Tokenization 

 From Acute Care to Prevention – The Role of Blockchain in 4Ps Medicine 

 Regulatory Such as HIPAA & GDPR 

 Technical Implementation & Challenges 

 Business Challenges 

Cultural Challenges 

The Blockchain Legal Specialist course covers the following topics


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 

Core Government Functions 

– Blockchain Legal Considerations 

Legal & Regulatory Framework 

The Blockchain Financial Specialist course covers the following topics

Redefining Money 

 Money, Inflation & Debt 

– Retail Banking 

Central Banking 

International Organizations / Non-Government Organizations 

Tokenomics & Crypto-Governance 

Blockchain Executive Consultant

This Class Will Be Offered During Government Blockchain Week.            The purpose of this course is to help students drive blockchain solutions via organizational strategies.  The course is intended to help consultants support business executives or government officials in implementing blockchain technology by meeting business needs and overcoming such obstacles as risks, barriers, and regulations.  

This course is intended to be taught as a master class. That means that while there are some instructions and lectures, the bulk of this course is intended to involve student participation and class exercises where the students teach each other through the interaction of practical exercises.