Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Communities of Interest (CoI) include Civil Servants, Professional Members and Corporate Members who share knowledge, collaborate on topics and explore scenarios where blockchain solutions can be used to promote a shared objective.

Working Groups focus on producing functional solutions and content such as blogs, whitepapers, and other publications for established use cases and projects, while Chapters, are bound by localized geographic boundaries.

CoIs will explore more broad topics based neither on specific design and delivery of use cases or needs by a specific geographic location. They will likely produce many use cases and projects that will then be transferred to the Working Groups and Chapters to determine requirements, develop solutions and deliver agreed-upon outputs.

These communities will discuss what problems and challenges may exist, how those issues might be best served, and, more importantly, why blockchain and cryptocurrencies are relevant to the needs and missions of identified professionals and governments.

To join an existing community, view the group below and contact the CoI Community Manager.

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Arab Banks
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Government
Banking and Finance Industry
City Impact
City Management
Defense Infosec
Development – Corda
Development – Free Ton
Development – Ethereum
Development – Hashgraph
Development – Hyperledger
Development – NEO
European Advisory Council
GBA Funded Blockchain R&D
Government Leaders
Government Regulators
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High School Education
International Organizations & Standards
Investors & Startups
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Legislators & Legislative Staff
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Smart Contract Auditing
United Nations SDG
Universities and Education
Washington State Blockchain Community
Women in Blockchain
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