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United States Capitol – January 31, 2020

Platinum Level Sponsors

Congressman Darren Soto is the co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. The Caucus provides a forum for government and industry leaders to come together and better understand the implications of these new technologies. Together, we can help promote greater understanding in Congress & foster an environment of innovation that will maximize the potential of these technologies for current & future generations. For more information contact Bill Rockwood.

Silver Level Sponsors

Cogent has assembled a group of senior attorneys who developed their deep expertise:

  • representing clients at major law firms
  • serving in senior government positions, and
  • founding and leading tech and alternative currency startups.

Our advice is rooted in entrepreneurial experience. We are energized by working with fast-growing clients. With our unique team and our low-overhead business model, Cogent delivers top-tier services without the big-law rates. We provide innovative solutions and look for opportunities to connect clients to our network of service providers, organizations, investors, and potential customers.

Block.one is a global leader in high-performance blockchain software. In June 2018, the company published the EOSIO blockchain protocol, and has since continued to develop and optimize the open-source software for companies and developers to build enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as the first performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world.

eZ-XPO empowers organizations to connect and collaborate for daily engagement and lead generation. eZ-Xpo transforms organization silos into productive events and opportunities.

eZ-XPO focuses on collaborative marketing model to disrupt the traditional trade show industry with the first all-in-1 Virtual Collaborative Network consisting of a virtual trade show, virtual summit, virtual training, virtual job fair,  and virtual pitch competition for daily massive traffic and leads and unlimited network effect

For more information contact Matt Fok to learn about how your organization can connect, communicate with your strategic partners, customers and stakeholders and promote your organization.

Podtechs provide clients with the support they need to design and develop without worrying about the technical, tedious things. Our mission is to focus on busting the barriers to entry for podcasting. We will help you develop your podcasting concept, plan your podcasting content calendar, write your scripts, record and edit your podcast, provide strategic dissemination support, and more!

Don’t let life get in the way of your creative pursuits! We’re here to provide as much creative and technical support as you need– we’ll be your consistent source of accountability, reliability, time management, and scheduling. For more information contact Dustin Canter.

Qbix is a platform that allows any kind of group (social, educational, business, association, etc.) to connect, communicate, and collaborate in a real-time, frictionless mobile application. The platform helps members of a group connect before, during, and after events and conferences. It uses cutting edge technologies and techniques designed for a continuously changing landscape and demographics. The App is easy to set up, use, and administer.

The platform replaces emails and traditional methods with smart, interest-based connection tools that allow users to quickly identify individuals, organizations, groups, activities, and topics that are of interest to them. Making impactful connections is quick, easy, and productive.

For more information about Qbix contact Greg Magarshak.


Additional sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact Robert Levin for more information.