The mission of the Free TON Academy Sub-governance is to create and support an Academy of Free TON Community education, conduct educational events, produce training courses and teaching materials that will help a wide range of people around the world to learn about Free Ton, self-governed decentralized communities, and modern blockchain technologies.

Job description:

1. Shape the Academy’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that Free TON Academy remains true to its mission.
2. Exercise fiduciary responsibility with regard to the Academy’s academic, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being.
3. Engage with both questions of long-range strategy, policy and planning, as well as transactional matters of unusual consequence.
4. Be responsible for approving the Academy’s contests, rewards, major projects, endowment spending, tuition charges (if any), and other matters.
5. Drawing on the wide-ranging experience and expertise of its members, exert broad influence over the Academy’s strategic directions.
6. Serve as custodian of the endowment and all the properties of the Academy.

Hiring Organization
Free TON Decentralised Self-Governed Community

Significant academic experience and achievements;
Intimate familiarity with blockchain technology;
Experience teaching blockchain courses;
Prepared for100% remote work;
Accept payments in TON Crystal.

State / Province
United States