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Leading Through Disruptive Paradigm Shifts

Prerequisite: Completion of days 1-4.

This course is the capstone event.  During this course, students must apply the information that they have learned from the earlier four days and propose a blockchain based solution to a real-world use case.  This course includes some instructor led content designed to challenge existing paradigms and traditional limitations.  Some of the topics discussed are:

  • What are Paradigm Shifts
  • Blockchain in the Context of History
  • What Does This Technology Mean
  • Competing Perspectives
  • Some Blockchain Government Impacts
  • Adapting to Change – Real Life Examples

The students present their proposed solution in a shark tank like event.  Each student has an opportunity to present and review proposals.  While some learning is delivered through instruction, much learning springs from the epiphanies that the students discover while working on their projects.